Attuning to Our Work in Bringing the Changing of the Ages

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

This month is an epic time, one that’s connected with what’s to unfold for the coming two years and beyond. There’s so much more than can be written in an email! If ever there was a time to listen to my Moon 7 Podcast, this is the time! Totally free. This is a long one… So much to discover and speak!

Tomorrow, Thursday, we enter Moon 7, the Moon of Attunement.

As Worldbridgers, we stand atop the mountain on the ridge between the sunny yang side and the shaded yin side, attuning to our new form, mirroring freedom by humbly dwelling in the liminal zone threshold​ of death and rebirth.

On Saturday, Moon and Mars huddle together, standing strong, as Storm thunders in, lightning the sky with electrifying suddeness, bringing 13 days of activating energetic attunements, as a new frequency enters our new form, sparking us into animate aliveness!

In the midst of this, comes a Total Lunar Eclipse on Jan 20th (into the​ 21st for some), visible throughout the Americas. This eclipse takes place with Sun at 0º Aquarius and Moon at 0º Leo. This activation, and the other astrological transits that are emerging during this Moon of Attunement, is what​ I speak in the podcast, and the connections between this time and what’s to come in December 2020. Check it out! Epicness being activated and emerging for us to attune to, that we’ll be living into in two years and for twenty years beyond that!

All the while, in the southeast before dawn, Venus (higher and brighter) slowly draws nearer to Jupiter (lower and still pretty bright, hanging out with the​ Heart of the Scorpion), both dancing in the body of the Azure Dragon/Scorpion. Mars is the solo evening sky inhabitant, shining reddishly in the south-southwest.

Happy Attuning,


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