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Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Tonight is a Total Lunar Eclipse, visible throughout the Americas and parts of Europe (should you be fortunate enough to experience clear skies). Red Moon, colored by all the sunrises and sunsets on Earth (which is between​ Sun and Moon), is closer to Earth in its cycle too, so this is a Big Red Moon shining! 

Here is my favorite source for eclipse and other solar/lunar info, where you can find times for your local area.

The unfolding of a total lunar eclipse is akin to the energy of an entire lunar cycle happening in a matter of hours. This is a potent energetic reset for our bodies and beings, and is reflective of how much transformation we’re being asked to experience and embody these days.

Interestingly, this is the last year of a 13-year Red Moon journey in the calendar language which I speak. A 13 Red Moon in the Earth wave day was the new year back in July. And so here we are, on Earth, casting our shadow, which the Moon reflects beautifully. We’re being offered freedom with this reset, which takes place on this day that Sun moves into Aquarius and Moon moves opposite​ into Leo during the eclipse! Aquarius brings revolution and living freedom, Leo brings personal style and inspired creativity!

This is also an early energetic echo of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at the beginning of Aquarius in a couple of years, which will bring a new 20-year cycle!  These social planets have to do with us finding our way and place in bringing what we uniquely bring to this world and these times. This eclipse is a moment of Invitation for us to know, welcome, and attune to the living of our creative gifts.

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Today is a 9 Hand day in the Storm wave in the Moon of Attunement. To me this says, with our Hands we can make Real this Activation, by attuning to the new energies and being creative in our own unique ways!

Blessing this time, Venus and Jupiter shine brightly together in the east, welcoming the dawning of the Sun in Aquarius (closest on Tuesday, Venus is the brighter of the two) near the red heart of the Scorpion/Azure Dragon.

On Friday, the storm clears and we begin 13-days of attuning to what it is to be truly Human, deeply tuned in to living our natures.

Happy Red Moon Creative Gifts Attunement,


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