Attuning to Our Humanness

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

I hope the Total Lunar Eclipse was amazing for you in all the best ways! I made an essence of the refreshed and renewed Moon just as the eclipse ended, gathering rain water and then gorgeously clear moonlight! The new essence is called Renewal, and has such a lovely strong gentleness and openness. I’ll let you know as soon as it becomes available (hopefully soon!).

Now, the Storm wave has cleared and we are attuning to what it is to be truly Human, deeply tuned in to living our natures. As we do, a new astrological transit that will be with us all year shows itself for the​ first time. Saturn sextiles Neptune, bringing a time of positive potentials around tangible work supported by spirit and on behalf of spirit, as the slow unfolding of time meets all time. This energy will be strong for the next couple of weeks, exact on Jan 31st. 

Listen to my Moon 7 Podcast, for so much more on this epic time! 

Also on Jan 31st, Moon visits Venus in the east before dawn for the 3rd divestment. We remove our necklace and sing our human song. Jupiter shines nearby and is visited by the Moon on the 30th, still close to the red heart of the Scorpion/Azure Dragon.

Happy Attuning to Your Humanness,


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