Deeply & Solidly Attuning

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

These days, our sense of self and deservingness of love and havingness are being invited to transform, amidst the joining of Sun, Venus, & Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury also enters Capricorn this week, joining with Saturn astrologically, together visible low in the east-south-east before dawn. This is some serious foundational, structural, and maturational concentration! Time to take ourselves and our lives seriously, to grow up and live from a sense of our own authority and agency, and to take responsibility and let what​ we are responsible to and for shape and strengthen us.

All the while, Mars and Jupiter confer in the deep, potent waters of Scorpio, as they meet up with the claw of the Scorpion (Zubenelgenubi), visible to the east (and south a bit) before dawn. Moon joins them on the 11th. Strong undercurrents and upwellings from the deep move us

Capricorn and Scorpio energies abound, earthedness and the deep waters working together to guide and teach us and give possibilities for how to strongly live the embodiment of these times.

All the planets are direct (nobody retrograde) for the next couple of months!! This is a time for breaking new ground, not as much for reflection, review, or revising. Move into and with what’s emerging…

On Wednesday, we enter Moon 7~ the Moon of Attunement. It’s time to tune up, and be in tune!! Pay attention. The big question is, what​ are you tuned in to, moment to moment? 

The Wind wave is still blowing as we step atop the mountain, the breath of spirit filling our lungs as we tune in to the unseen and sing out its story.

Hear more in my (free) Moon 7 podcast.

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Happy Attuning Deeply & Solidly,


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