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Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Join me TODAY at a cozy local Book Fair, Sat Jan 27th 11am–5pmAt 1:30pm, I’ll be reading from a storied stargazing book I’m writing! And, I’ll have a table with my essences and calendars all day. West County Herb Company Event Space, 3641 Main St, Occidental, CA. Free!

Yesterday, we entered the 13 days of the Star wave, the final wave in this cycle that began in Moon 11 last May and has been a time of dissonance, dissolving, and release into liberation. Any more releasing you’re​ ready to do, is most invited now through Feb 7th! 

Mars moved from Scorpio into Sagittarius yesterday as well, offering a liberating release of tension through letting your arrow fly!! 

In the​ sky story (which is different from the astrology, but always interestingly linked), Mars can be seen near the shoulder of the Scorpion in the eastern pre-dawn sky. ​Jupiter is nearby too and shining very brightly.

Star brings a time of beauty, elegance, and creativity, of attuning to the magical guiding story we live within. Here we ripen into the magic. Now is a time for releasing anything keeping us from living in creative engagement with and within the beautifully emergent big story, a time for attuning to the stars and their stories.

One way of getting to know the star stories in your life, is to learn to read your own birth chart! Consider joining us for the soon to begin Reading Your Cosmic Map: An Astrological Adventure

You may notice as of late, themes from the time of the August Total Solar Eclipse that have been unfolding around our experience of self and our sense of identity and purpose, will now shift in focus, through the Total Lunar Eclipse this Wednesday, Jan 31st, and bring a major reset to our experience of our bodies, families, homes, habits, intuitions, and feelingsMore info on the eclipse

Hear so much more in my Moon 7 podcast.

Happy Star Being,


An Evening of Stargazing

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