Meeting Challenge Well

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Intense enough for ya?

We’re in the midst of the Serpent wave with it’s 10 portal days in a row (5 more to go). This ongoingly open portal connects us directly with more dimensions than usual, which has a majority intensifying effect. This portal has to do with our experience of embodiment. Serpent spines the Human, bringing cosmic vitality down and through us into this world, transforming us, as each day becomes a portaled vertebrae, opening and vitalizing our bodies and beings.

We’re still in the Moon cycle initiated by the eclipse, with the Sun and Dark Moon in fiery Leo and the more recent Full Moon in oceanic Pisces. And, interestingly, fires and storms from the ocean are actively engaging us, perhaps waking us up to where we live and the impact of our living the way we do, challenging our entitled and lackadaisical approach to embodiment and life here on Earth. 

Here in the Moon of Challenge and Relatedness, we are invited to meet challenge well, in ways that enhance vitality and shift how we relate with ourselves, each other, and all of life

Mercury moved direct this past week, and is now getting moving forward. We’re still in the retrograde shadow through Sept 19th, so after that (right as we enter the Moon of Motion) will be a better time for moving thing forward in new areas. And, with Mercury in Virgo, much can happen quickly. So, for now, continue to reconsider and be open to seeing things differently.

Venus is the Morning Star, arising well before dawn in the east. Mercury can now be seen in the east before dawn as well, not as high, very close to the heart of the Lion (the recent eclipse point!). Mars is in the vicinity too. Next Sunday and Monday, there will be a gathering of all these beauties, with the Moon cruising by for the 6th divestment (removing the girdling belt so e can simply flow). Be sure to say hello! 

Maybe that breath-taking sight will inspire you to join us for...
Sebastopol All Night Stargazing – September 23rd
There are still some spaces available for this epic event!
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As always, you can hear more in my Moon 2 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Meeting Challenge Well,

Stargazer Li

p.s. I taught Wood Carving for the first time at the Fall Herbal Symposium last weekend (so fun!) and am think of putting together a class her in Sebastopol sometime this fall. Click here if this is of interest and I’ll let you know once I know more! And if you do click, you’ll see photos of an impromptu carving class I did with little ones from the Symposium…

p.p.s. I’m also thinking of teaching a Beginning Genealogy / Getting to Know Your Ancestors mini-class in OctoberClick here if you’re​ interested. So much I want to share!!

Upcoming Stargazing Opportunities:
Sebastopol All Night Stargazing – September 23rd
An Evening of Stargazing (kids welcome) – October 14th

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