Happy Year of Skywalker Seeding Integration

Greetings Keeper of Time,

We’re about to enter a new year in this calendar from which I write and speak.

Monday, July 24th is the last day of this current year of Moon Storm Liberations; and what a stormy and liberating year it has been!

Next, comes Tuesday, July 25th, the Day Out of Time, a day between the years. This is my personal favorite day, for which I make no plans, simply allowing myself to experience what calls me forth when anything is possible!

Then, Wednesday, July 26th, the New Year, arrives on a 12 Seed portal day in the Skywalker wave, bringing a Year of Skywalker Seeding Integration.

Leaning in through the portaled gateway of the New Year, Skywalker sprinkles Twelve Seeds into our hands, inviting us to go forth into this year Seeding wholeness through the integration of cosmic dimensional journeying and fertile organic growthfulness.
Uranus in Aries peeks above the horizon at the precise moment the New Year begins on July 26th, and the Sun is conjunct Mars in Leo. Our initial Seeding is one of fiery strength embodied, in service to creative uniqueness and unpredictable self-expression.

Hear the full story in my (free) extended Moon 1 & New Year Audio Calendar PodcastYou’ll also find a bonus Overview of the New Year recording.

The full-color, printed Skywalker Seeding Integration Year Calendar is a great companion for viewing while listening to the Audio Calendar Podcasts throughout the year, and for seeing the themes of what’s to come.

Happy Seeding Integration,

Stargazer Li


Upcoming Stargazing Opportunities:
Point Arena All Night Stargazing – July 29th
Sebastopol All Night Stargazing – September 23rd
An Evening of Stargazing (kids welcome) – October 14th


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