A Purposeful Storm

Greetings Keeper of Time,
I’ve been deep in New Mexico these past couple of weeks, bridging worlds by hanging out on the threshold in the liminal zone. This is so related to my, and our, invited purpose for this coming year. To be Skywalkers Seeding Integration, we need to be able to let go of and die to who we’ve been and humbly engage with what’s here, becoming that which connects the seemingly disparate worlds.

I hope you dodged the moonlight and caught some of the Perseids meteor shower  that peaked this weekend. There will still be more shooting stars​ than usual for the coming week. No, this was not the most amazing meteor shower in human history, just the regular Perseids that happen every hear at this time, made less optimal by the moonlight between midnight and dawn.

For the past handful of days, we’ve been in the Storm wave (can you tell?!). This is a time of the sudden and unexpected. As we’ve already seen, atmospheric tensions are coming to the surface through activating events. We are being stirred up and spurred into action! Continue to keep an eye on what happens culturally and personally during these two weeks to see more deeply into what is being offered up as our purpose to address this year through integrating the cosmic and the organically growthful. Wildly innovative approaches are most likely to be effective.

Mercury in Virgo turned retrograde on Saturday evening (through Labor Day weekend), bringing a time for reconsideration of what we thought we knew, in a detailed & focused way. We’re being invited to move beyond reaction to careful consideration from a different perspective in a very practical manner. This is a good time for editing, on every level. 

This coming Friday and Saturday before dawn in the east, the waning Crescent Moon joins Venus for the 5th divestment. This is a moment of more greatly owning and living our creative force, even as we hand over our third chakra ring of power.

And now, I head north… On Monday August 21st, just a week from now, there will be a Total Solar Eclipse in Leo with Regulus ~ the Heart of the Lion​, seen across the US in a 70 mile wide band, and a partial eclipse for most of the US. There are divided opinions on whether viewing an eclipse is a good idea or not. Personally, I want to see the brightest stars and planets during the day and sun rise/set colors all around the horizon. Others of you might want to stay out of the way of the energies, as visible eclipses do tend to have very strange and powerful vibes. Regardless of how you approach the moment, coming in Leo astrologically and appearing on the shoulder of the Lion constellation right by its bright heart, this eclipse brings a major reset around self-love & creativity

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Happy Purposeful Storming,

Stargazer Li

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