Seed Sprouting

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Last night into today, the New Moon in Aquarius brings in the Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster. Take this as a wake up call to action.This will be a year of “getting up and at ’em.” 

Furthering the story, and giving us a sense of some strutting going on, Mars moved into its own fiery sign of Aries. Try not to be too combative! Don’t be “that” rooster… But do get fired up and physically active.

Also bringing the newness, Mercury has now moved beyond it’s retrograde shadow into new territory. Feel how a sense of moving on and getting going on projects is happening now. All the planets are direct for another week, so this is the time!!

All this comes as we’ve now entered the Seed wave, the sprouting of a transformational series of portal days that invite us to attune to fertility and growth. Energy abounds as 10 portals days open us (starting Sunday) into organic growthfulness. The Seed already knows what to do, and when, and how. Attune to that knowing and naturally unfold. This is being offered as our new way of living and relating.

Venus is so bright, high in the southwest early evenings. On Tuesday evening, Venus shines with faint Mars nearby, as the waxing Moon confers Venus’ crown, the 7th vestment. Attune to your crown!

If you’re up around midnight, look to the east and you can see Jupiter rising with the star Spica, the Seed Jewel in the hand of the Goddess… We’re stargazing tonight, so we’ll say hello to everyone for ya, wahoo! (sorry, sold out).

Hear more about the unfoldings in these times in my (always free) Moon 7 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Seed Sprouting,

Stargazer Li

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