In the Augur

Greetings Keeper of Time,

It’s interesting to me that we’re in the midst of the Monkey wave during this inaugural  marching time, this dance of the trickster! Did you know that “inaugural” comes from augur?! This is the initiation of a time for divining, for reading the omens, for speaking what we notice. We are the birds in flight that compose this augur. Read ALL the signs; don’t just be captivated by the seeming horrors of parts of it…

We’ve one more week in this time of monkeying around, of catching up with ourselves before Mercury moves beyond it’s retrograde shadow into new territory. Then too, comes the Seed wave the sprouting of a transformational series of portal days that invite us to attune to fertility and growth. With this seeding will also come the Chinese New Year of the Fire Rooster.

Knowing a shift is coming, stay with the augur for now. Be changed by this time. Craft and be crafted anew! This is the transformation of the transformation moment.

Hear more about the themes unfolding in these times in my (always free) Moon 7 Audio Calendar Podcast.

The brightest of winter stars and constellations (Orion, the Dog Star, the Pleiades, the Twins…) can be seen in the southeast, moving further to the south through the night. Venus is still so bright in the southwest early evenings. If you’d like to meet these beauties in person, there are still a handful of spots open for next weekend’s Winter Stargazing Intensive on Sat January 28th Hours and hours of stars, and we’ll still get you home by midnight. The weather is looking promising too! I hope you’ll join us for storying out in a field under the stars.

Happy Auguring,

Stargazer Li

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