Conceiving a Skywalking Seed Journey

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Today, in more ways than one, is the conception of a journey to come, a seed sparked into germination…

In this calendar storying, today is a 12 Seed portal day in the Skywalker wave. The next new year in this calendar (July 26, 2017) will be on a 12 Seed portal day in the Skywalker wave. So, from this conception day moment on, though yet unseen, the year to be born will be growing in us…

We’re in the Skywalker wave, so the purpose we originate from has to do with journeying, with dimensional engagement, with exploration of life in the universe. How we’re being invited to do this is in a Seed kind of a way, through the natural unfolding of organic growth, through integrating this fertile becomingness as our way of journeying in life.

The current year we’re living is an 11 Storm year in the Moon wave, and issues of water are bringing great stormy dissonance, and potentially liberation. This storm is what’s sparks the seed. Let’s remember that we are journeying in a much bigger universe than the political-governmental sphere, and let’s bring to this moment our direct engagement with life, with the cosmos, with spirit. There is much power here that can be infused into the sparking of a new culture…

On Thursday, we enter the 13-day World-bridger wave, inviting us to die to the moment, to learn to reside in the liminal zone at the threshold between worlds. It’s time to be humble and let go of our insistences, that we might become bridges that join.

The Full Moon in Taurus on Sunday and Monday nights is going to be very bright! I’m not a big fan of the whole “super moon” hype you hear seemingly every other month as of late, but this one really is a super super moon, which means that the Moon is closer to earth and thus appears noticeably brighter, and the tides will be more extreme as well. This one is the closest since 1948 and will be the closest until 2034.

For more on these times, give a listen to my Moon 4 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Skywalking Seed Germination,

Stargazer Li


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