Journeying with Our Ancestors

Greetings Keeper of Time,

These early evenings, Venus as the Evening Star in the west is proceeding in an exultant yet stately manner between Saturn and the heart of the Scorpion (Antares, “Dude, that’s not Mars.”), joined on Wednesday by the Moon who confers a Mirrored amulet upon Venus’ heart, the 4th vestment. Reflect upon the ways we’re being asked to be heartful in a respectful, slow and steady, boundaried way, even as we encounter the heart of the Scorpion. This is a time for maturity and embodying our own authority.

We’re Skywalker adventuring in the deep dark Scorpionic time of year, with the New Moon in Scorpio conjunct Mercury today, a drawing inward time of stories, remembrance, and ancestors. It’s time to turn our attention to remembering our ancestors, journeying with them, telling their stories…

Connecting with and getting to know our ancestors is keeping time! We are made of our ancestors, their physicality and their experiences, their places and times, their hopes and fears…

For us to be at home in our bodies and lives, to be able to live consciously here in a multi-dimensional universe, to have a sense of connection and continuity that can foster respect, we must know our ancestry. And, I suspect, no little portion ofthe lack of respect for land and peoples exhibited by us in this culture comes from our lack of actual connection with or memory of our own lands and peoples…

Each year when the Day of the Dead comes around, and in general during this deepening and darkening time of year, I devote much of my time to researching, remembering, and honoring my ancestors.

And so, I invite you to connect with and get to know your ancestors a bit more as well.

  • Write down what you do know: names, places, times, and stories.
  • Ask around (which can lead to some very interesting conversations).
  • Go online (Google search, and so much more)

Here’s a 6 Generations of Ancestors pdf you can print out and use to write in the names of your direct line family tree, giving you a way to see them all together. This is a great place to start. Speak their names, remember their stories, learn where they’re from…

Here’s a slightly different filled-out version of a large-format 7 generations chart I use:

For more on these times, give a listen to my Moon 4 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Journeying with Your Ancestors,

Stargazer Li

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