Venus & Jupiter Conjoin This Eve…Big Week Ahead

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Tonight, Saturday, very early evening, around 40 minutes after sunset, before it’s even getting dark, look very low in the west and you’ll see Venus and Jupiter about as close together as two planets can get! Mercury is close by but much harder to see, slightly below and to their left. Venus has been emerging from the underworld and is climbing higher night by night toward a stronger presence as the Evening Star, while Jupiter is slowly disappearing from the evening sky. Tomorrow night (Sunday) you’ll see Venus still close but a bit higher up than Jupiter.

And, this is just the start of a couple weeks of BIG goings on!

There’s lots of Virgo energy around, so this is a good time to attend to self-care and health, be fully engaged and present in daily work and activities, tend to our homes, make and craft, and bring order.

On Tuesday, Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo for a few weeks. A meticulous rethinking of our approach is indicated. It’s an opportunity to get more practical and discover how we can better serve life through a very embodied and grounded presence, engaged in the moment. Not being all up in our heads about everything will help!

Early Thursday comes the New Moon in Virgo bringing an annular solar eclipse (visible in Africa). This day and the next, the Moon spreads the eclipse energy, offering a time for reassessment and a pattern reset, as it opposes Neptune and squares Saturn. It’s time to get real. Stay present and embodied within the dream, within the ever-shifting and unfolding story, following your divinatory arrow as a way of relating with all of life. We’re not supposed to be clear on everything at this point! Learn to be present in not being clear and see and meet well what is being offered.

This brings to mind the very timely, deep, and direct conversation we began this week in Converse with the Universe. This conversation is emerging in exactly this time for very good reasons! Our ways of relating with life are being invited to shift into greater presence, receptivity, and engagement. Perhaps you’ll join us for this call to live amazingly… The recording of our first call is available now, the moment you sign up.

On Friday, the sliver of a Crescent Moon visits Venus & Jupiter for the second vestment of Venus as the Evening Star, conferring a girdling belt, as the abundant flow of devotion becomes our experience of and offering to daily life.

And, there’s so much more to come the following week! Hear the themes for Moon 2, one of the biggies of this year, in my Moon 2 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Delving deeply into our own stories, and learning a language for making sense of our unique ways and experiences, can serve us in living well and meaningfully, especially in these potent and ongoingly challenging-us-to-live-more-truly times! My online course Reading Your Cosmic Map ~ An Astrological Adventure is just such an adventure in learning! I invite you to join us. A New Round begins in early September!

Happy Conjoining and Tending,

Stargazer Li

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