Birthing A New Relatedness

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Venus is climbing higher and getting brighter in the west after sunset just as it’s getting dark. Tonight, Venus visits Porrima, the Goddess’ heart, then we move into tomorrow’s Dragon wave that births a new 260-day round of waves. Arriving here in Moon 2, the Moon of Relatedness, we have come to a time of Birthing a New Relatedness, to be embodied through the unfolding waves of this new 260-day Tzol‘kin round.

Fittingly, Jupiter (the planet of expansiveness, abundance, and journeying) moves into Libra (the Sign of relationships, courting, and beauty) for the next year on Friday, Sept 9th, bringing an expansive journey of relatedness through learning to court beauty. Relatedness as a central theme is beginning now, and will be with us throughout the year!

Saturn square Neptune is exact on Saturday, and will be strengthening all week. The challenge is to be solidly present and clear within the unclearness!!

There’s so much happening this week! Hear the themes for Moon 2, one of the biggies of this year, in my Moon 2 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Getting to know ourselves and our ways, in particular around relatedness, is so helpful in meeting these times well. Learning the story your own astrological birth chart tells, of you and your ways, is so valuable in having a language to consider the range of ways that could express and move you into deeper and more authentic relatedness with yourself and how you approach relatedness with humans and life. This is what we delve into and learn in my online course for total beginners and intermediate astro geeks. A new round of Reading Your Cosmic Map ~ An Astrological Adventure begins September 12th!

Happy Birthing a New Relatedness,

Stargazer Li

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