Integrating Expansive Tangibility

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Feeling a bit restless last night and this morning? The New Moon in Gemini with the Sun and Venus brings mental stimulation and activation, and likely some challenge in focusing that energy, that will be played out over the coming two weeks as the Moon waxes toward full.

This alignment also completes an astrological Mutable Grand Cross with Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces. There’s LOTS going on, internally and relationally. We’re being asked to find a way to integrate the boundariless dreaming expanse of our beings with the practical tangible specificness of our embodiment, as we serve through making our unique contributions to human society and culture. 

This is an ongoing theme for the next month, so if you find yourself vacillating between just wanting to get lost in reading a book, and feeling deliciously and viscerally engaged in making and accomplishing, see if you can twine these energies into a new path and way of navigating and manifesting the dream while awake! Experience every moment as a divination. This will also help ground the restlessness..

This is one of those epic astrological months where I’d highly suggest you give a listen to my Moon 12 Audio Calendar Podcast​Each of the aspects involved in the Grand Cross brings its own learning, and these are big ones, worth delving into deeply!

We’re still in the shiftingness of the Earth wave, but this Wednesday, we move into the 13 days of the Dog wave, becoming more engaged socially with our pack, with our dogs, and with loving who and what​ we love. We also leave Mercury’s retrograde shadow and will begin to have a sense of moving forward into new territory in our thoughts and communications. 

There’s still a sense of the​ brakes being on through June, with Mars and Saturn still retrograde. But we can allow this to help us not rush too quickly into anything. Take the time to allow this integration, which will surely serve us in being able to move into action from a more deeply visioned and intuitive place in our beings even as we relaxedly craft its embodiment… 

Mars is still pretty bright but losing it luster day by day, however Saturn is now at its brightest phase, rising as the Sun sets (just​ a bit to the east of Mars), riding high above the heart of the Scorpion. You’ll find them in the southeast, rising higher into the south as the evening progresses.

Hear so much more in my Moon 12 Audio Calendar Podcast

Happy Integrating,

Stargazer Li


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