Embodying a New Story

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The Moon will be shining with so bright and reddish Mars tonight (Thursday). The Moon will be between Mars and Saturn (near the shoulder of the Scorpion) on Friday evening, and then will be ever so close to Saturn on Saturnday evening. Be sure to go out and say hello! Look to the southeast early in the evening, then higher toward the south as the evening progresses.

The Moon with Mars and then Saturn brings the impetus to embody. Allow this time to strengthen your inhabitation of this miraculous experience.

Astrologically, in the next couple of days, the Satun in Sagittarius square of Neptune in Pisces is pulling into exactitude, and it will linger for another week quite strongly. Actively integrating these seemingly paradoxical energies of tangibility and diffuseness is our challenge. Allow your certainty to dissolve, and take seriously your intuitions. Guidance is present in every moment…

The energy of the astrological Mutable Grand Cross with Jupiter in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, and Neptune in Pisces, that was completed by the Moon, Sun and Venus in early June is now completed in the coming days by Mercury in Gemini. We’re continually being asked to find a way to integrate the boundariless dreaming expanse of our beings with the practical tangible specificness of our embodiment, as we serve through communicating our unique contributions in human society and culture.

Just a few more days of the hangin’ with our pack and interested in doing stuff Dog wave, then we enter the Night wave on the Full Moon in Sagittarius Summer Solstice this Monday, and are likely to be ready to be home and delving deep into divining and integrating a new story in our beings…

Jupiter trine Pluto will be drawing in next week too, crystallizing an an expansively deep transformation within us having to do with the story we tell the world through how we live. By being at home within ourselves and the universe, a cherished dream can move through us into the world, bringing the possibility of greater freedom.

Hear so much more in my Moon 12 Audio Calendar Podcast

Happy Embodying,

Stargazer Li


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