Moon Dances the Planets ‘Til Dawn

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Watch in the east before dawn this coming week as the waning Moon visits a string of planets, each in turn:

  • Monday, Mars with the claw of the Scorpio (yes, that‘s Zubenelgenubi!)
  • Wednesday, Saturn with the heart of the Scorpio (that’s Antares, “Dude, that’s not Mars!”)
  • Friday & Saturday, Venus with Pluto (for the 6th divestment, 2nd chakra, relinquishing the girdling belt)
  • Saturday, Mercury (you may be able to glimpse Mercury low on the eastern horizon just before dawn all this week).

And, bright white Jupiter is now rising in the east in the not so late evening.

This is all happening as the Uranus Pluto square pulls in as close as it’s going to get, with a Revolutionary Reminder! We’ve had the chance since last April to live and integrate the deep transformation of the preceding three years. And now, we’re getting an energetic reminder to really live differently, to Rest in This, our unique, authentic beingness embodied. With Mercury and Venus joining up with Pluto, and then the Moon cruising by too, all the signs suggest this is the time of very personal and practical rebirth and renewal.

Coming in the Sun wave, in the Moon of Attunement, with the string of planets greeting the dawning, we are being invited to shine, to effortlessly bestow our radiance.

Hear more in my Moon 7 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Moon Dancing,



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