Expressing Wizardry

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Tonight, early evening in the west, you can see the Crescent Moon just above the nearby red star Aldebran, the eye of Taurus the Bull, and both are just to the left of Venus. This is the 5th vestment of Venus, initiating the putting on of a necklace and attending to our throat chakras. This is a time for expressing love and beauty!

Also, the Lyrids meteor shower will be peaking on Wednesday and Thursday very late night until before dawn. The radiant is the constellation Lyra which contains the bright star Vega that is part of the summer triangle. They will be rising in the east late in the evening.

Since Friday, we’ve been in the Wizard wave, a time of shapeshifting effortlessly to meet the moment. We may also find ourselves being shown the ways we’re not so magical. Keep rolling with what is, and showing up truly. This is a time for trusting ourselves and life. Simply be, and live the knowing that everything we need is present here in this moment. Allow what arises to serve as a guiding divination…

Hear more in my Moon 10 Podcast.

Happy Wizarding,

Stargazer Li


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