Birthing Maturity

Greetings Keeper of Time,

This week, we’re in the final days of an era, a process that’s been heating things up and breaking them down culturally and in our personal lives that’s been unfolding for over three and half years, sparked by the Uranus in Aries square of Pluto in Capricorn.

On Saturday April 4th, we enter the Moon of Manifestation, of What Is, lived maturely.

There’s a visible, throughout North America and beyond, Total Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon coming on Saturday before dawn, ushering us into a new era. The Moon will be in eclipse as it’s setting for many.
Details for Viewing Here

The Full Moon with be near the star Spica, the shaft of wheat or the jewel in the hand of the goddess, also known as the horn of the Chinese Lunar Mansions of the Cerulean Dragon of spring pushing the grasses up out of the earth.

Astrologically, this eclipse is at 15 degrees Libra, the balance point in the sign of balancing.

On Saturday as well, the Dragon wave births us into a new 260-day round of waves, of learning. Coming in the the Moon of Manifestation, we’ll be learning to show up, to be mature and live with what is, and be way more relaxed and present and life giving. This is not so much of a process or becoming as it is just time to show up as who we are. It’s a come as you are party!

Then, into next week, the Sun and Mercury spark the Uranus square Pluto before it begins to move beyond a degree. The heat will begin to abate, even as the effects of the deep revolution linger…

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Happy Manifesting,

Stargazer Li


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