Time for ReVisions

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Tomorrow night, Wednesday, the Crescent Moon will be to the right of Venus and above Mercury in the west at dusk. This is the second vestment of Venus; time to put on our girdles or belts to support and strengthen our second chakras as we embody flow.

This is a very Aquarian time, as today the Sun and Moon both moved into Aquarius, with Venus and Mercury both in Aquarius as well. And, Mercury goes Retrograde tomorrow too, until Feb 11th, at which point it will have retrograded back to the very beginning of Aquarius, and then moving forward until early March before even breaking new ground!

So, we’re re-visioning what living infused with spirit can be in our lives, and even what our deepest hopes and dreams might truly be, especially when we embody our uniqueness and bring it beautifully to the world. It’s time for a new, much more grand, story to be re-envisioned and lived, from within. This is not such an outgoing time, but more of an inner reviewing and revising time, that we may attune time a greater possibility.

On Thursday night, the Moon will be just to the right of Mars (which is not nearly as bright, but say hello anyway!). Neptune is there too, but can’t be seen with the naked eye (well Neptune did flash me once, but that’s a story for out under the stars).

Speaking of which…this coming Saturday night January 24th, 4-11pm, I’m doing A Wintertime Stargazing Intensive The forecast is for clear skies and no colder than a summer night around here! We’ll see Venus, Mars, and Jupiter, the Twins, Orion, the Bull, the Dogs, the Lion and so many more… I hope you’ll join us.

Hear way more storying of these times in my Moon 7 Podcast

Happy ReVisioning,

Stargazer Li

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One Response to Time for ReVisions

  1. Lilith January 20, 2015 at 9:38 pm #

    Oh, Li, So Mercury is going retro tomorrow–is that an Uh-OH? Fortunately, it comes back around on Feb. 11th, the day before my 69th birthday! I take that as a good sign–right?

    Happy star gazing to ya–sure are a lot of constellations out there over my house visible tonight.

    Love, Lilith

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