Re-Attuning to a New Story

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The story for 2015 seems to be much less of the dissonance and dissolving of last year, and much more a time of integrating creativity and the making of beauty into our earthly experience. Rather than making your wishes or list of wants, consider noticing and acknowledging what life seems to be offering these days and for the year to come.

This early evening, Sat Jan 10th, Venus and Mercury will be VERY close together, very low in the west at dusk. What message do you hear Mercury whispering in Venus’ ear in this time of the Dog wave’s focus on who and what we truly love?

Today we move into Moon 7 ~ the Moon of Attunement, a time for adjusting and refining what energetic reality we are tuning in to and thus living. On Friday, we’ll begin the Night wave and the impetus to turn inward will become very strong. Honor this! Have a cozy winter night for a couple of weeks. Light candles and draw near the fire. Read and tell stories. Go to bed early to dream.

As we move through the Night wave, the New Moon in Aquarius will visit Mercury as it turns Retrograde on Jan 21st (until Feb 11th), and Venus for the 2nd vestment (putting on our girdle or belt and 2nd chakra flowing). Beauty is to be found moving in the night. This is a time for attuning to a new story, one that comes from within, and that infuses us with our deepest hopes and dreams. Re-attune to this story let this be the song that sings in your being in every moment. Live from this resonance.

Hear way more in my Moon 7 Podcast

Within the delicious dark of night, the stars of the Sarced Hoop, Taurus, Orion, Gemini, the Dogs, and so many more are gloriously bright this time of year. Perhaps you’d like to meet and greet them! Consider joining me for A Wintertime Stargazing Intensive Saturday January 24th  4-11pm

Enjoy re-attuning to a new story deep within,

Stargazer Li


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