Dragon Moon Realizations New Year

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Are you feeling the beginnings of the Birth of Freedom? So much more freeing to unfold, wave upon wave upon wave…

And now, later this week, comes the turning of the year. This Thursday July 24th, just before the last day of the year dawns, the waning crescent Moon is seen with Venus in the east for the 7th time, and Venus removes its robes, chosing feely to stand naked and reveal the root chakra, inspiring Mars to leave Libra after 8 months and plunge into the Scorpionic depths on the Day Out of Time, July 25th. We’re being invited to open our roots and allow life to come up into us, to enliven the deepest places in our bodies and beings.

The new year dawns July 26th, on a red Moon day in a red Dragon wave in the red realm of New Beginnings. And fittingly, the birth of this 9 Dragon Moon Realizations year comes at the New Moon, with the Sun, Moon, and Jupiter conjunct in Leo. Syzygy! This brings the birth of enthusiastic, expansive self-love and creative expression, in a word “fabulousity.” Experience yourself through the unfolding of the natural rhythms and cycles as a way of becoming amazingly real. 

If you’re listening to the Podcasts, the Dragon Moon Realizations Year Printed Calendar will greatly enhance your experience!

Happy Birthing for Real,

Stargazer Li


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