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Greetings Keeper of Time,

There’s the potential of a New Meteor Shower showing up Friday late night into Saturday morning, peaking on the West Coast 11pm-1am, and the East Coast 2-4am. The radiant will be in the north, near the North Star and Little Dipper/Bear.

The Jupiter Saturn trine is exact on Saturday, so it’s time to really show up and flow with what’s ours to do at the next level
The 5th divestement of Venus, comes with the waning Crescent Moon visiting Venus in the east before dawn on Sunday May 25th. Here we are invited to relinquish our Ring of Power, related to the 3rd Chakra of Will, Power, and Presence.
When we truly integrate our flow with our presence and will, creativity can bust out! A fitting way to culminate the Warrior wave… and enter the realm of magic.
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Happy Presencing,

Stargazer Li



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