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Greetings Keeper of Time,

The past month we’ve been learning to take action from new places in our bodies and beings, going through physical and perceptual transformations.

Now, we’ve entered Moon 9 ~ the Moon of Realization, and the actions we take, and how we live, bring about a new perception and experience of reality.

Sunday 3/8 into Monday 3/9 is what I call the Crossover Moment of Transformation as we enter the Monkey wave. This is related to the Birth of a New Form way back in early November. Monkey invites (or provokes) us to live with curiousity and interest, to discover our new form and to newly experience reality.

The waxing Moon can be seen with Jupiter, within the Sacred Hoop of stars the next few nights, closest on Sunday night, shining us through the moment of transformation in an expansive way, in connection with the cosmos. Interestingly, there’s also a new show on TV debuting Sunday night called Cosmos, hosted by my favorite contemporary astronomer Neil de Grasse Tyson.

Astrologically, the next couple of weeks is a relatively quiet time (before the storm). There’s still lots of retrograde energy so keep attending to and catching up with what’s been lingering, even as you find yourself intrigued with new experiences and engaged with tweaking and fine tuning things as they take their new forms.

As this year of the Horse proceeds, it’s still not time for trotting or galloping, but we can now enjoy the walk…

Listen to more on the unfolding days and waves in my
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Happy Realizing,

Stargazer Li


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