Step Back & Revitalize

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The Stormy Human Attunements of last moon seem to be abating somewhat… It was a preparatory trial to strengthen us for what’s to come in April.

I know we’re in the year of the Horse and all, but like I said in my last cosmic update, it may begin with a slow ride…

Now that Mercury is retrograde through February, it’s really time to take a step back even, which can be a good thing before galloping into what’s next. Now’s a great opportunity for clearing some backlog and catching up, and also for re-imagining the situation.

We’ve just entered Moon 8, the Moon of Action, in an 8 Seed year. This is fundamentally a time for shifting our ways of being in action, for truly living what we believe, with integrity. And, contrary to popular belief, forward progress is not the only way of being in action.

Jupiter in Cancer is also retrograde, suggesting that by feeling, wanting, and honoring our needs for nesting and nurturing, we can become more Human. What way of being nourishes your soul, enables you to experience the unique humaness that is you? What if you allowed that to be lived as your way of being in action in life?

The Serpent wave arrives midweek, and for ten days a portal will be open, cosmic energy undulating down into and through us, inviting us into a revitalizing dance of transformation…

Listen to so much more around the unfolding of these days and waves in my Moon 8 Audio Calendar Podcast

Happily Living It,

Stargazer Li


Correction to my last update: the Venus cycle is 584 days (not 585, slip of the key).

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