Perceptual Activation

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The past couple of weeks have brought a revitalizing transformation to many of us (though it may have felt a bit less than vital in the making) as we’ve moved through the potent portals of the Serpent wave in this Moon of Action. How we do what we do has been shifting, in a very physical way.

This evening, we’re poised at the threshold of the Hall of Mirrors, where we’ll journey for the next couple of weeks as we engage in perceptual refinement. This is a time for active reflection moment to moment, in particular concerning how we do what we do, how we live, which we’ll see reflected back to us from every angle and encounter.

Mercury is still retrograde until the 28th, so reflection is indicated in the mental and communicative realms here too.

Also, look to the east tomorrow pre-dawn Tues Feb 25th and the 26th, to see the waning Crescent Moon join Venus for the second “divestment,” in this case of the Scepter as it embodies the 3rd eye.  Scepters often had pine cone shapes atop, suggesting the pineal gland, considered to be the 3rd eye, where the mind and body connect, and having to do with the perception of light, even mystical awareness. With each divestment we relinquish something that externally embodies the quality of an energy center and thus must come to rely upon our own internal development of the functions of that energy center. This divestment is part of the many moons journey of Venus as the Morning Star toward eventually stepping naked into the underworld. (Correction to my earlier update: the Venus cycle is 584 days not 585, slip of the key).

Also on Tuesday Feb 25th (big day tomorrow!), as we enter the Mirror wave, Jupiter in Cancer is exactly square Uranus in Aries. This has been building for days and will linger for days too, and is a pre-view of one aspect of the big April Grand Cross that’s coming. Internally we’re balancing the tension between wanting to nest and also to bust out and be free to radically express our unique selves. An interesting mix. With these other themes unfolding at the same moment, this suggests that the next step in living and being free and at home in ourselves has to do with actively transforming our perceptual reality and how we take action from those perceptions!

By March 6th, Mercury and Jupiter will turn direct, even as Mars in Libra and Saturn in Scorpio turn retrograde with the New of the Moon in Pisces on March 1st. Mastery around primal energies and graciousness in relatedness will be re-approached. Still a slow ride… but certainly a transformational one!


Listen to more around the unfolding of these days and waves in my Moon 8 Audio Calendar Podcast

Happy Perceiving,

Stargazer Li


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