Bridging Worlds

Greetings Keeper of Time,

For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been Skywalking our way into the new year, being invited to meet and live our lives as an unfolding journey exploring space and time, rather than an intentional quest to get what we think we want.

I’ve found myself journeying quite a bit into my family history and genealogy, getting to know many peoples, places, and times, and feeling myself there so much I’ve had to step away to come fully back here! I feel renewed and strengthened by knowing more of myself and building my capacity through coming to know my ancestors, and I can feel them heartened by being remembered too.

There have been many interesting articles lately around the discovery that our fairly recent ancestor’s experiences impact their DNA and thus ours. So what does it mean that we’ve largely forgotten our ancestors, what they did, and where they lived, and yet that is a major part of who we are?!

So here we are now in the World-bridger wave for the next couple of weeks, being invited to reside in the liminal zone, the threshold between worlds, not going into one or the other, but maintaining connection with both, by surrendering ourselves to simply being present here now.

The coming times call for humility (not self-involved shame or incapacity), dying to who we’ve been and each moment, being fully here, straddling worlds and thus connecting them. Becoming bridges. In this way we can remember, and still be here living our lives.

For this week, it’s about meeting and balancing in this way, the next week will be more about energetically attuning to residing in this place.

The next round of Time Traveling 101, which begins this week, will include focusing on our connection with our ancestors, as well as learning the calendar. But more than anything, it’s about learning to live in a new way, of living the rhythms and stories as they unfold, noticing and acknowleding what’s wanting to happen and working with it. It’s about being IN and meeting all of life. And, the level of guiding and meaningful synchronicity showing up in your life increases dramatically!

Our first call is this Thursday, and a calendar is included, which we need to get to you so you can watch the calendar journeying orientation video. If you’re considering (that actually means “with the stars”) joining us, then now’s the time!

LAST CALL for Time Traveling 101…
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Join us for this adventure of embodying your amazingness!

That’s Jupiter rising in the east so early in the evenings, with Orion nearby… Venus is about gone from the western evening sky.

Happy World-bridging,

Stargazer Li


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Feel free to share YOUR story or comments below!

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