Taking Ourselves Seriously

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Happy Almost Gregorian Calendar New Year! Seriously, this January 1st New Year is a big one, a very real demarcation initiating a new cycle.

As I said in the Moon 6 audio, this is not so much a light-hearted dance-party vibe of a new year. It’s more of a mature, quiet, wise conversation kind of a time, or a deep liberating dream time.

What distinguishes this new year is that it’s also the Dark of the Moon, so the Moon and Sun are together in Capricorn, as is Mercury, and Pluto (exact with the Sun on this new year’s day)! Also, Venus is retrograde in Capricorn.

And, in my calendar that day will be an 11 Night in the Skywalker wave, a time for liberation from old stories and the living of new stories, through new ways of journeying in space and time, as we meet the worlds beyond ourselves.

This year, we’re being invited into living a more practical, slow and steady approach, into presencing by taking action in a balanced way to bring a new story into tangible reality in our lives, in its own time, letting things take their natural course, and loving how it all unfolds (which is the living of a new story).

There’s also a loose cardinal Grand Cross astrologically, with Pluto and all the rest in Capricorn square Uranus in Aries, square Jupiter in Cancer, square Mars in Libra. This is a taste of what’s to come much stronger in mid to late April, so notice what’s arising (including internal and relational tensions), and become the most balanced, embodied, unique, and structurally evolving expression of yourself as possible.

The Grand Cross is bringing a potent challenge to us to develop our capacity to sit in the middle with all these energies strongly moving and interacting all around, and for us to be continuously engaging with and expressing them all in our beings. To do this, we must be willing to not know, to meet this as a journey, to explore time and space in a balanced relational kind of a way. And, rather than being strategic, decisive and pushing, learn to be clear and take balanced action, seriously, tangibly, from our depths… This is a foundational restructuring.

We’ll be working with and preparing for this Grand Cross energy for the next few months in the new round of Time Traveling 101… that’s about to begin. Now’s a great time to learn new ways of making meaning of and being with what’s unfolding.

Time Traveling 101… Calendar Journey Guidebook Included
The first call is on Jan 9th (and you have a little homework before the call), so signup soon if you’re ready to join us on this adventure!
It’s like the Moonthly Audios, with even more delving into what’s up and more ways of being with it and in our amazingness!!


For you skywatchers:

At dusk on Jan 1st, there’s a very slight chance you might see the most slender sliver of the new moon with Venus before it slips from the evening sky. If so, this is the 9th vestment, a seldom seen sight…

The Quandrantids Meteor shower can be seen after midnight to before dawn on Jan 3rd.



Stargazer Li


Datebook 2014
A curvaceous week-at-a-glance journal/appointment book with colorful signs and numbers to story your days.


Moon 6 Audio Calendar Podcast


The Earth Seeding Action Year Calendar Journey Guidebook
The Moon Spirals Calendar to view while listening to the Moonthly Audio Calendar and when looking into the times that have been and the times to come.

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