Gifting Time

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Venus is shining in the west, now at its brightest, early evenings for another month before disappearing from the evening sky. Tomorrow night, Thursday, the Crescent Moon will join Venus, conferring the 8th (and final) vestment of Venus, the Soul Star.

If you stretch your arm and hand above your head, you’ll touch an area called by some the Soul Star, by others the Grand Portal, sometimes called the 8th chakra, that gives access to soul and time travel… Receive the gift of this capacity of living embodied transpersonal selfhood.

Coincidentally, I awoke this morning from a dream in which the Hand of my outstretched right arm was inside the body of a large white Goose that was flying around above my head, dancing us both. I can still feel my Hand surrounded by goose… Did I mention that we’re in the Hand wave for a few more days!?! The universe is so amazing!

Also, as this Hand wave comes to a close here in the Moon of Selfhood, Mars moves into Libra, where it will stay until July! (Listen to my Moon 5 Audio for details.) We’re about to be given an extended opportunity to learn to stand strongly within ourselves in relatedness!

Then the Sun wave will bestow its radiance, ripening this birth of a new form into us shining our light as our way of being selves and meeting the world beyond our selves.

In this time of gifting yourself and others, and of receiving gifts, consider for a moment that perhaps the greatest gift is of time…

And, if I may, please allow me to offer a few potential gifts of my own creation for your consideration, whether the storied essence of a moment, a calendar or datebook that guides the way, or a time traveling course to shift your relationship with time:

Essence Elixirs and Planetary Essences
Buy 4 Get a 5th
They make amazing gifts, and are great supports in forming your new self.

Datebook 2014
A curvaceous week-at-a-glance journal/appointment book with colorful signs and numbers to story your days.

The Earth Seeding Action Year Calendar Journey Guidebook
The Moon Spirals Calendar to view while listening to the Moonthly Audio Calendar and when looking into the times that have been and the times to come.

Time Traveling 101… Calendar Journey Guidebook Included
If you love the the Moonthly Audio Calendar, this is the next level!
Dial in to our calls from anywhere or listen to the recordings.
The next round begins in January.
This is likely the last time this course will be offered in this form.
Join us for the adventure of embodying your amazingness!

Perhaps you’ll stop by and see me, and try out an Essence Elixir, in my booth at the Winter Solstice Goddess Craft Faire
Sat and Sunday Dec 14-15 at the Sebastopol Community Center

You can also find a selection of Essence Elixirs at the dhyana Center in Sebastopol & The Sacred Well in Oakland.


Happy Gifting Time,

Stargazer Li


More on what’s going on these day can be heard in my Moon 5 Audio Calendar


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