We Are Makers

Greetings Keeper of Time,

How’s the selfing of your new form going?

Do you feel a deep sense of familiarity amidst the revolutionary newness? It’s a revelation, and yet, we’ve know this is who we are all along.

Now, we begin the Hand wave. Its time to live this new self all the way into what we make and do, moment to moment, hands on. There’s a different sort of intelligence and beingness that arises when we’re crafting with our hands. Find a way of making something tangible over the next couple weeks. Along the way, you’ll be crafting your soul.

On Wednesday, Mercury moves beyond its retrograde shadow, so we’ll likely have a sense of moving into new territory after the long back and forth of this retrograde period.

More on all this can be heard in my Moon 5 Audio Calendar

Happy Making,

Stargazer Li


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Datebook 2014 is now available! 
A colorful and curvaceous week-at-a-glance journal with the signs and numbers to guide your way.


A New Round of Time Traveling 101 begins in January 2014!
Join us for this adventure in living a new relationship with time!


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  1. Heidi Little December 2, 2013 at 11:21 am #

    Hi Li !! Great new web site ! I’ve enjoyed and look forward to our journey with life and the calendar for 4 years now. What a blessing you and your work are ! I lOve the date book and the monthly audio calendars. Birthing the highest divine self is coming along nicely and with your care, commitment and support the journey is that much more beautiful and magical. Thank you lady light. One love with all , here is my latest offering , the message from Mother Earth and you mi lady are right in sync.

    Love Heidi

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