Birthing New Ways of Being In Action

Greetings Keeper of Time,

What no longer resonant ways of taking action are you ready to shed? What new vision that became clearer a couple weeks ago can you see readying to emerge in your lived life?

This past week and for a handful of days more we’re closing out a cycle that began last May, nine months of feeling and releasing what has become dissonant and no longer serves us in moving to the next level.

The New Moon in Aquarius this weekend begins the Chinese Year of the Water Snake, a creature of wisdom and lover of beauty and the finer things in life. Swim towards the life you’d love to live! There’s an astrological parade through oceanic Pisces all through February to greet the watery soul of this time. Feel your way…

This coming Wednesday Feb 13th, the Dragon wave and a whole a new 9-month cycle begins here in Moon 8 ~ the Moon of Action. This is a time of birthing, and the birth of new ways of being in action. With all the watery happenings, and Mercury in Pisces going retrograde on the 23rd, this is not about taking action in the traditional directed ways we’ve been taught, but of being immersed in and guided by the rich imaginal field of spirit, flowing with what’s wanting to unfold…

Happy Birthing,

Stargazer Li


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