Real Effortlessness

Greetings Keeper of Time,

For the past Moon we’ve been birthing new ways of being in Action, and learning to allow action to arise from our connection with source rather than from our wants or fears. For the past week or so, we’ve begun to learn to move more effortlessly and Wizard-like as we take action through shapeshifting to meet the moment. Now, the actions we’ve been taking begin to bring things into reality, into the world of experience. Welcome to Moon 9 ~ The Moon of Realization.

With Mercury retrograde in Pisces until March 17th, Monday’s New Moon (and several other planets) in Pisces, and Saturn retrograde as well, this is not a push forward to acheive our goals kind of a time, this is a time for re-imagining the situation. It’s a time for seeing what’s wanting to be done and going with the flow, and for working on things that may have been lingering for a while awaiting the right time. Given that we’ll enter the Hand wave on the New Moon, this is a time when much can be accomplished, but from a place of readiness and willingness to continually revise and refine what we do and how. Communication may sometimes be challenging, so weave in and access symbols and images to engage the intuitive mind as well as the logical.

You can listen to or download my *free* Audio Calendar Podcast for Moon 9 ~ The Moon of Realization ~ in this Skywalking Storm Attunement Year, and print out the accompanying Moon Spirals here:

Comet Watching Alert

Look for Comet PANSTARRS low in the west at dusk (just as it’s getting dark), it should reach its brightest on Sunday. The Crescent Moon will be right by it on Tuesday and Wednesday. And you may be able to see it (although probably not as bright) through the rest of March. It may be naked eye visible, but binoculars will likely help. Here are details:

To the ancients, the arrival of a comet usually signaled impending disaster, or a sign of big changes… It will be moving through the constellation of the Fishes and above the Great Square of Pegasus, an area also know as the Lunar Mansions that represent a cot for sleeping or the death bed. This is a time of sleeping and dreams, and connection with other worlds, even as many are crossing to the other side.

Learn to know the realness of that which we cannot see. Be in conversation with spirit! Bring that connection into the present in your life in a real way.

Happy Realizing,

Stargazer Li


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