Winter Solstice 2010 Total Lunar Eclipse

This powerful eclipse embodied the shifting of these times in which we live in a profound way. Remember!

A Telling of the Story by Stargazer Li
Recorded Live at Aubergine After Dark
Sebastopol, CA
Tuesday December 14, 2010

Here’s a 10-minute Video of the heart of the story ~

(part 1)

Stars of the Sacred Hoop

(part 2)

This is an Audio Recording of the entire talk.
Click Here to Listen or Download (best audio quality)



  1. Forming Our Wizard Selves | Stargazer Li - November 18, 2013

    […] Tonight, the Moon is within the Sacred Hoop of Stars, and is heading toward a rendezvous with Jupiter (bright white and to the lower left of the Moon) on Wednesday evening. You’ll notice two bright stars to the left of Jupiter. Those are the Gemini Twins rising, one above the other. To the right of them Orion is rising, with the three belt stars lined up and down (rather than side to side) because Orion and the Twins have been sleeping and are just now waking up, and they, like me, like to lie around in bed for a while…  There’s an old movie where I talked about the Sacred Hoop a couple of years ago here: […]

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