Forming Our Wizard Selves

Greetings Keeper of Time,

What a time of transformation these past few weeks! Can you articulate yet what new form has been birthing in your being?

Now we’re moving into refining our new beginning here in the Wizard wave, in Moon 5 ~ the Moon of Selfhood. It’s time to come to know ourselves in this new form, and as this new form, a shapeshifting form that’s more spontaneously and effortlessly active. We’re moving toward greater aliveness, even if we’re not yet quite sure of all the details of what’s to come. We’re creating the path by living it…

About a week from now, we’ll enter the Hand wave, and Mercury will move beyond its retrograde shadow, meaning, that time will bring a sense of forward motion again, and the ability to know ourselves as makers.

In the meantime, take this week as Mercury in Scorpio is moving over ground it’s already covered a couple of times, to continue to attend to things that are lingering to make room for living this new self that’s emerging. Take your time and really feel your way into what ways of thinking and communicating will support you in living from your deepest truth.

I say so much more about all this and the coming weeks in the Moon 5 Audio Calendar. Take a listen:


Tonight, the Moon is within the Sacred Hoop of Stars, and is heading toward a rendezvous with Jupiter (bright white and to the lower left of the Moon) on Wednesday evening. You’ll notice two bright stars to the left of Jupiter. Those are the Gemini Twins rising, one above the other. To the right of them Orion is rising, with the three belt stars lined up and down (rather than side to side) because Orion and the Twins have been sleeping and are just now waking up, and they, like me, like to lie around in bed for a while…  There’s an old movie where I talked about the Sacred Hoop a couple of years ago here:

Speaking of cosmic bodies moving around, Comet Ison has brightened considerably the past week and is reported to be naked eye visible near the star Spica (the seed jewel hand of Virgo the Goddess) and heading toward Mercury, low in the east before dawn. Binoculars would enhance the experience. It should continue to brighten over the the coming days before it makes its turn around the Sun at Thanksgiving, and if it survives that encounter we’ll see it again and maybe even brighter on the other side in a couple of weeks.


All in all, this is a time where we can breathe again after the intensity of the birthing and start to get a sense of our newly emerging selves. Be attentive to the subtle and not so sublet shifts in your experience of self. Believe them and nurture them.

If you’re ready to share what new form you are selfing, below you can post your deepest truth for all the world to see, and the universe to know!


Happy Selfing,

Stargazer Li


Tech Update
This Moon 5 email is arriving a bit late, as Mercury retrograde in Scorpio brought me the special gift of the death of my computer and hard drive! It’s taken a week to sort things out and get up and running again, and in the process, some things have changed as I’ve upgraded.

You’ll notice that this email is coming through iContact, and from my email address. You might need to check your Bulk/Junk Mail folder or settings and drag this into your Inbox so it knows these Cosmic Update Emails are wanted!


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3 Responses to Forming Our Wizard Selves

  1. Amrita November 18, 2013 at 11:39 pm #

    The new form i am selfing is that of conscious entrepreneur and businesswoman. I am committing to a new way of doing business – the new paradigm. My business is heart-based, and dedicated to transformation and Awakening. I am dedicating myself to win-win transactions, where my clients receive rich value, assistance and support for their transformation and awakening, and i receive full value for my offerings. Blessings <3

  2. Shiana November 19, 2013 at 1:17 pm #

    Hello Amrita,
    I honor your new self as a conscious entrepreneur and businesswoman. I am moving toward that same place. In the meantime, I am selfing myself as a dynamic, competent being who hasfinally moved beyond financial limitations. I see that the Universe provides me with everything I need: all physical, tangible and intangible gifts. Money or lack of it is merely a word or phrase and not a valid description of what I can or cannot do. I am well provided for in my body, mind, emotions, and spirit. As I continue moving forward into greater emotional and spiritual abundance I shine the light on the paths of others whose paths have been hidden in fog.

  3. Talulah Fey November 26, 2013 at 4:35 pm #

    I feel this transformation so deeply in my life. It is an ecstatic experience. My self limitations have ceased. I am totally present with all of my potentual abundance. I am free to express myself. I include myself in prosperity of home and relations. I am open to everyone. I do not shrink from fear but embrace it with love compassion understanding. And I remember…very much now ♡

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