Totally Eclipsing ReNewAll toward Living Emergent Embodied Action

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

We’re heading into Moon 10 ~ the Moon of Manifestation, in a few days. “What Is” comin’ in full on! This is a big moonth, with lots of big happenings.

Tomorrow, Monday, April 1st, Mercury turns Retrograde in Aries (until 4/25). We’re invited to re-approach our willingness, in thought and word, to perceive and live the spontaneous emergence expressively. 

Here we are, living in/on/as Earth, shifting with the quakings of the tectonic plates, learning to navigate by synchronicity. Grounding as we go, as we change, is all there is to do in meeting what arises.

In a week, the rockin’ and rollin’ peaks!

Sunday, April 7th, before dawn in the east, Waning Moon joins with Venus –– fully divested, ever so faint and naked as Morning Star –– for the final time, mentoringly escorting Venus into the underworld…

Monday, April 8th, brings a Total Eclipse of the Sun by the Moon, in exact alignment with Chiron the Wounded Healer Teacher at 19º24′ of Aries. Totality is visible in a large swath from Mazatlan, through Texas, Arkansas, and the midwest, all the way to Maine. Eclipse/solar viewing glasses are needed to protect your eyes, except right around totality. 

During totality, you’ll likely be able to see some of the planets nearby

  • Venus closest and brightest, a bit to the right (or west)
    Saturn and Mars together further to the right (about two horns of time away)

  • Mercury just a little to the upper left
    Jupiter a good horn of time to the left (or east).
    You might even glimpse a comet just to the upper right of Jupiter
    (you might need binoculars for this, we’ll find out)!

This eclipse falls on a 1 Dog day in the calendar, beginning a 13-day Dog wave. Just a handful of days later (on 4/12), comes the Wizardly Dog Selfing Walking & Talking day of this year (coming around again of the 5 Wizard in the Dog wave New Year back on July 26th). We’ve been learning all this year new ways of being, preparing to meet this accelerant of a happening, and now it’s time to walk and talk our “shape-shifting to meet the moment” selfhood!

Life is shifting our sense of purpose and identity, away from wounded willful insistence, asking us to show up willingly as Love, meeting what​’s unfolding in a spontaneously emergent way, healing and teaching through being manifest, in action, living our gifts! 

Another major layer happening this whole moonth, is Jupiter & Uranus drawing together in late Taurus, becoming exact on 4/20, the last day of the Dog wave. Embodied journeying of these new energies, valuing earthedness, experiencing eco-systemic relatedness, while becoming charged up with aliveness, will build and activate, in perfect timeliness!!

Hear the full story in my Moon 10 Podcast. Here I speak to an Aries way of being seedlings rooting in damp earth while reaching into the air and light, growing in both directions simultaneously, as we emerge…

Happy Totally Eclipsed ReNewAll toward Living Emergent Embodied Action,



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