Moon Mirror Monkeying Around

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Tonight into tomorrow morning, Full Moon in Virgo shines, like a Mirror in the Sky, inviting us to imbue every action with the refining, hands on, worldbridging powers of sacred practicalness and practical sacredness. Every moment, every person, is worthy of respect, of us truly choosing to bring ourselves present in engagement! 

This coming Tuesday into Wednesday (2/27-2/28​) brings us to the moment of transformation, the midpoint of this Forming Anew round of waves, here in the Moon of Action, of living what we believe​! Monkey reveals that playful discovery is the way! No figuring out needed, just being curious and actively engaged, and thus discovering and becoming in the making. Sun, Mercury, and Saturn are all together in early Pisces as we embark upon Monkeying around in the Universe!

There’s so much more to hear in my Moon 8 Podcast.

Happy Moon Mirror Monkeying Around,



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