Sunshine of Our Love ~ Wizardly Dog Selfing New Year

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Today, Sun moves into Leo, Venus turns retrograde in Leo, and we begin the Dog wave in this Moon of Freedom, which will carry us into the new year. We roamingly revel in freedom, as Dog, loving the vastness, and as the vastness. The unabashed sunshine of our love abounds, and is a central theme in the year to come! ​

On Tuesday, July 25th, the Day Out of Time (a day between the years), is on a 4 Skywalker portal day in the Dog wave, offering the possibility of leaping into the freedom, of journeying as love in form. 

On Wednesday, July 26, 2023, comes the New Year, as we enter the fifth year of this 13-year Wizard journey. Our new form brings forth a new felt and lived experience of selfhood. The storied theme of this year is Wizardly Dog Selfing. This year, we learn to be Wizardly amidst Love!

This new year begins on a 5 Wizard day in the Dog wave, with brightly shining Venus in Leo journeyingly embodying the themes of this year’s process of maturing and ripening into living self-loving Dog Love with Wizardly playful creativity, enthusiasm for Life, and the generosity of truly valuing, in relating with everything and everyone, amidst ongoing transformation!​

In this new selfing phase of our journey, it’s not about being a Wizard, but being Wizardly. Shifting with the moment in ever-emergent ways, rather than trying to colonize an identity, ripens us into loving beingness. This year, Selfing comes through the simple magic of being the ever-shifting expression of Love, amidst and in relation with All of Life. This creative engagement with the beyond human slowly matures us into living a new attunement while actively dancing the unfolding.

“Love like Love loves.” ~ Jaiya John, Fragrance After Rain 

Mercury sidles up to Venus, together welcoming this new year, intertwining Love with our ways of perceiving and thoughtful eloquent speech.

The August 1st Full Moon in Aquarius brings a time for being Dogs, howling and running with our packs, loving who we love, how we love.

Venus, retrograde since 7/22, shining brightly as Evening Star in the West after sunset, quickly descends in the coming few weeks, soon disappearing from the evening sky. So, say your goodbyes!


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Happy Wizardly Dog Selfing,



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