Crowning Love

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

On Monday, the Lunar Nodes shifted from Taurus/Scorpio to Aries/Libra. Learning related to presencing as Self in relatedness with Others comes into focus for the coming year and a half.

This too as Monday’s Dark​ Moon in Cancer initiated a lunar cycle of experiencing belonging in freedom.

Tonight and tomorrow night in the west at dusk, ​(exact, but not visible, early Thursday), Moon waxes in Leo to conjoin with bright Venus (faint Mars is there too attending to this momentous moment) near the star Regulus, for the culminating 7th Evening Star vestment, the crowning of Venus. We are adorned, crown chakras open to sky,​becoming bright, willing to stand tall and be seen, regal, and radiantly beautiful. 

Be sure to go out tonight at dusk (and/or tomorrow night) to see and be with this crowning. Perhaps even lift an energetic crown to your own head beneath the light of this sky story!!

Amidst this crowning, Venus is slowing to a standstill, to station retrograde on Saturday. This same place, this same degree of the zodiac, echos the place of the August 2017 Total Solar Eclipse ~ the Total Eclipse of the Heart! So, this is the​ next octave of the learning that was initiated six years ago, and has been lived ever since. 

Venus turning retrograde begins the fourth phase of the Venus cycle, where Venus, high, bright, and crowned, quickly drops from the western evening sky (over the next couple weeks), passes between Earth and Sun in a brief unseen inseminating tryst​, then quickly arises in the east as Morning Star beginning a new 584-day Venus cycle! 

Through this phase, Venus maintains integrity and brightness, even in transforming from one state to another, from Evening to Morning, from West to East, carrying her brightness thru a portal into Morning Star herald. All this is happening in Leo, so this ensuing cycle is one of self-love, generosity, enthusiasm for relatedness with Life! 

Also on Saturday, Sun moves into Leo (more Leo​ crowning vibe!). And, we begin the Dog wave in this Moon of Freedom, which will carry us into the new year (next week). We roamingly revel in freedom, as Dog, loving the vastness, and as the vastness. The unabashed sunshine of our love abounds, and is a central theme in the year to come! 

Hear so much more (esp. about this Venus cycle!) in my Moon 13 Audio Calendar Podcast.

I’ll be recording the July 26th New Year podcast any day now (seems like it wants to happen in the midst of all this, and to elaborate on all of this!!), and will send another Cosmic Update in a few days.

Meanwhile, I just picked up the new Wizardly Dog Selfing​ year printed calendars yesterday, so if you’re​ playing along at home and want one, you can order here!

Happy Crowning Love,


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