Taurus Garden Party

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Here we are living our Humaness, our real human presence and lives. This is it. No more pretending that the persona-ish, empire-driven insistence we’ve been dosed with continually is even remotely human. Ha.

Sun is in Taurus, inviting us to warm and relax as we move our muscles, to enjoy the sensual, textural seasonings of this time.

Mercury turns direct in Taurus on Sunday. After a few weeks of retrograde reapproaching, and now some slow moving through and toward, perceiving and communicating in new ways.

On Tuesday, Jupiter moves into Taurus (welcomed by Moon) and squares Pluto in Aquarius. There’s an internal tension asking us to learn to take action form new places in our beings, where we are truly embodying, experiencing, and expressing the transformational new energies of this time. Newness abounds! Us living more Humanly is happening!!

This is a major following-on-from- Beltane gathering amidst Taurusness (Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and later in the week Moon too) ! This is a time for turning our deep hesitance around sensually experiencing life into a quietly gestured joining. We’re already here in the garden, together, if we allow ourselves to be. It’s time to Want This, and Meet This!!

Thursday, an undulatingly dancing Serpent wave is released, opening a persistent portal through which we’re infused with cosmic energy flowing down and through our bodies into this world, via us truly being here. This 13-day initiatory transformation of our embodiment is embellished by Friday’s New Moon in Taurus waxing into early the following week to join with Venus, conferring a 5th vestment necklace of expressive adornment.

Moon is in the east before dawn with Saturn tomorrow (5/13), with Jupiter super close on 5/17 (as it’s just into astrological Taurus), and then in the west early evening with Venus 5/22-23; and with Mars 5/23/24.

Hear so much more in my Moon 11 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Taurus Garden Party,


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