Love the Ones You’re With

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Say hello to Jupi (Jupiter) who’s being visited by Moon tonight!

Today begins the 13-day Dog wave, here in the Moon of Form (in this year of Forming!). We’re invited to Live as Love in Form, as Dog, with loyal enthusiasm, here and now, amidst This! 

We’re still in the midst of the intensity of eclipse season (since Oct 25th’s Solar Eclipse in Scorpio), and will be until early Tuesday, Nov 8th’s Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse (with Uranus in Taurus!!) opposite Mercury & Venus with Sun in Scorpio. The eclipse will be visible throughout N & S America, Asia, & beyond. Click here for details on eclipse timing for your location

This eclipse is happening on Election Day in the US. Plus, this same day is the Conception Day for next new year (July 26th) in this way of Keeping Time (a 5 Wizard day in the​ Dog wave)So, this is a major reset (activated and engaged by lots of other planets involved as well) which will play out over the coming couple of years.

The energies of this eclipse spark our sensual embodiment, our felt experience of freedom, inspiring revolutionary love. Trusting timing as we indulge in the deliciousness of deep devotion, we learn to converse truly, deeply, & honoringly. Meeting life in this way, opens a portal of love…

Mars has turned retrograde in Gemini, and Jupiter has retrograded back into Pisces (both late last week). We’re revisiting ground to expansively and creatively journey in learning conversation with Universe, with passionately embodied oomph. This is our Life! Time to make sure we’re actually showing up in it!

Moon will be with​ brightly shining reddish​ Mars (between the Horns of the Bull) the evening of Thurs, Nov 10th. 

Hear so much more in my Moon 4 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Loving the Ones You’re With,



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