Mirroring Motion Monkeying Around

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Today we entered Moon 3 ~ the Moon of Motion… 

The interactions of two beget three. The Mirroring motions of Thursday’s Autumn Equinoctial as Retrograde Mercury is exactly conjunct Sun, seed a new relational and perceptual experience of balancing. 

On Sunday, Sun & Dark Moon in Libra oppose Jupiter as Venus & Mercury conjoin nearby. This, just as we reach the center point, moment of transformation, in this 260-day Liberating round of waves (which began back in May). Our relational reality now moves, & dances, expansively…

As Monkey, dancing hands touching and shaping, we move with playful curiosity. Through continual discovery, we’re crafting a life. This is a fundamental transformation of how we move, and where we move from in our beings. Mercury goes direct to join in the fun on Oct 2nd, and Jupiter shines at its benevolent brightest.

All this Moon, Saturn squares Uranus closely, but not exactly. Building tensions challenge us internally to take action from a place in our beings that honors time & timing, work & freedom, tradition & uniqueness. This is possible! It’s time to learn by doing, by moving, by being what joins the Heavens & Earth. 

Jupiter (Jupi!) shines at its brightest for the coming weeks, rising in the East as Sun sets in the West. 

Hear so much more of the story in my Moon 3 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Happy Mirroring Motion Monkeying Around,


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