More Than Human Relaatedness

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Welcome to Moon 2 ~ the Moon of Relatedness & Challenge ~ in this Wizard Moon Bridges Worlds year.

The Human wave carries us from Moon 1 into Moon 2, and so, the challenge of Human Relatedness offers itself as the learning of the moment.

With Uranus stationing retrograde tomorrow, joining all the other beyond personal planets, this is not a time of forward “progress,” but a time when we are challenged to revisit and reconsider what it is to be Human, relinquishing what we’ve made believe is human. Through being present, and in direct, respectful relatedness with the beyond human, we become Human.

On Wednesday, before dawn in the east, waning Moon might just be glimpsed a final time bestowing a whispered kiss to Venus before she disappears as Morning Star to enter the under-the-world. Then, on Friday, Dark Moon Virgo challenges us to live in practical sacred presence, moment to moment, in service to refining our Humanness as we chop wood and carry water.

Next week, on Aug 31st, Life, recognizing our humility, finds us, and fills us, through a quietly undulating 13-day Serpent dance, infusing and vitalizing our bodies and beings. We’re challenged to be more fully alive, moved by Life, in continual relatedness with Life. As Moon waxes, we’re layeringly embodying through a series of open portal days, in this year of us becoming portals. We transform through meeting Life as portals.

On Sept 9th, Mercury goes Retrograde in Libra, waltzing us in a relational dance of conscious partnering. Let Life lead. Be an expressive follow! 

We dance beneath the Sept 10th Full Moon in Pisces, poised between Neptune & Jupiter, to the tune of a dream we had last spring. Now, we’re challenged to live our way into this dream, slowly, deeply, dispelling addictive illusions, journeying in the Universe as our social world. 

Hear more of the story in my Moon 2 Audio Calendar Podcast!

The new year Wizard Moon Bridges Worlds Printed Calendar Can Be Ordered Here. You’ll also receive a free Calendar PDF.

Happy More Than Human Relatedness,



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