Hands Crafting A Life

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius tonight! Welcoming the journey of this time…

Mars is conjunct Chiron (the Wounded Healer Teacher) the next few days. This is a time for embodying and taking action to strongly express our willingness to show up in This moment!!

Starting tomorrow, making our way, touching and shaping,​ crafting a life, happens through our Hands. This is how Life naturally unfolds. It’s time to relax into it, flow with it, and let go of being so blown away and defensively dramatic about it all. This is real! This is how life works now. Hands On. Late in this third year of the Wizard journey, this is our new “craftsperson” way of life. Time to integrate this way of living as our Life.

For the next few days, see elusive Mercury low in the east, at the end of a string of all the visible planets lined up in order of their orbits around the Sun, stretching from the east to the south before dawn! 

Starting this coming weekend, Waning Moon will visit each visible planet before dawn… 

Moon with Saturn 6/18; with Jupiter 6/21, before Summer Solstice Sunrise; with Mars 6/22; and with Venus 6/26.

Moon with Venus brings the 6th divestment amidst a freeing storm portal, the dropping of the girdling belt. We’re ready to nakedly flow, with dancing hands, from our belly-buttoned elixir field!

Hear so much more in my Moon 12 Audio Calendar Podcast!

Happy Hands Crafting A Life,



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The Realness of Now
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