Morning Star Necklace Leads to Heart-Opening Nakedness

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

As we continue to exhalingly relax into filing with, expressing, and manifesting as Wind’s spirit song of Life, tomorrow, Eagle takes to the wing on this unseen breeze, soaring high in the vastness, seeing the great & small, in and as magic manifest. ​

In the coming days, Waning Moon slips through the string of Morning Star planets seen in a line predawn in the East throughout April and early May. They’re currently in a line spread out from the horizon (a cluster about about two horns of time wide, for those in the know.) Saturn on Sunday, then Mars on Monday, coming to Venus & Jupiter (and invisible Neptune) on Tuesday / Wednesday for the 4th divestment ~ the unbuckling & removal of the heart-protective breastplate. 

We’re invited to expand our experience of love into the vastness of the unfolding Universe… Drawing in an expansive breath, we feel the immensity of love. 

On April 30th, partially solar eclipsing Taurus New Moon initiates us into an experience of more pleasurable embodiment as Venus and Jupiter conjoin in Pisces. We’re invited to be sensually here, vastly!!

Hear so much more in my Moon 10 Audio Calendar Podcast!

Happy Morning Star Necklace Leading to Heart-Opening Nakedness,


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