Freedom As Embodied Presence

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Tomorrow, we enter Moon 13 ~ the Moon of Freedom, as Eagle lifts into flight from Night’s dream world, soaring through the cosmic gate of the year, flying free amidst all-that-is.

On Monday, Warrior awakens us into the ripening freedom of embodied presence, moving beyond the known, unafraid. During this 13-day Warrior wave, we encounter freedom. This is the time, as our Wizard Meets Mirroring Storm year draws to a close, for standing strong amidst the storm and meeting, with respect and integrity, the relational challenges that have been, and are, building our capacity. 

Personal strength and love are called forth later in the week when Mars, then a week later Venus, in Leo opposes Saturn, while square Uranus and trine Chiron, as we heal into living our unique gifts while maintaining ourselves in relatedness. 

Moon shines with late rising Jupiter & Saturn in the east the next few nights. Evening Star Venus is among the stars of the Beehive Cluster (in the Crab constellation) late the coming week into the weekend.​ Mars & Venus are drawing near in the​ west.

Hear so much more in my Moon 13 Audio Calendar Podcast.

You can order the new Wizard Seeds Wind year printed calendar now! They’re all printed, being taken in for binding, and will hopefully be mail out late next week. Wahoo! This is a great companion to the podcast throughout the year, and for seeing the stories of the times to come and what’s been, as we journey this new reality. 

Happy Freedom As Embodied Presence,


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