Earthing Liberation

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The story has shifted, yet again. And now, having come through a couple month long transformational initiation phase, it’s time to begin ripening into living this new reality here on Earth. 

We do this, for now, by continuing to recognize what’s dissonant and no longer serves, and releasing it. This brings liberation and learning how to live our freedom.​ 

Let the shifting and quaking and erupting of Earth, and our earthen bodies, break up, and break through, the dry crust as we emerge at this new level. Dirty and dusty, and present, here!

Saturn in Aquarius stations retrograde today. This is a strong time, intensifying & concentrating, turning us inward toward taking seriously our responsibility for maturing in how we show up, meet life, and do our true work (which is, to show up, meet life, and do our true work​!)

Saturn is square Uranus in Taurus (the big ongoing transit of this year), bringing internal tension around embodying new energies, time & timing, freedom & responsibility.​ Learning to take action from new places in our beings, where we honor all of this together, creatively, resolves this tension. We’re being asked to do the committed work of living our disruptive revolutionary uniqueness.​ We have the freedom and sovereignty to choose to be present, without knowing what’s going to happen, moment to moment.

Yesterday brought a major flurry of solar flares & CMEs, and the energy is heading our way, likely to arrive in Earth’s atmosphere on Wednesday for a geomagnetic storm in syzygyan alignment with Wednesday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius, Total Lunar Eclipse, during a Super Moon (Moon closest to Earth)!!! Strong energies, auroras, tides, & Earth movements incoming (here in the Earth quaking and shaking wave). 

Sagittarius lunar energy being eclipsed brings a shift (that might be more subtle now but plays out over years) in our felt experience of journeying​ as a way of life. This is being majorly reset, and energized!! 

This lunar eclipse is visible in Australia, Hawaii, the Americas, and SE Asia. See this resource for details. It opens the eclipse season, which extends through the June 10th Annular Solar Eclipse in Gemini. The whole of the eclipse season tends to be a potent time where things feel, and are, mid-shift. 

On Friday evening, pausing to look and listen, Mercury meets up with Venus in Gemini (visible in the west), then on Saturday, Mercury turns retrograde (until June 22nd) to go back and think over how to nimbly live in this world with interested lovingness.​ 

Mercury will be squaring Neptune in Pisces during this time (so confusion arises if we insist on clarity, and new storied poetic possibilities abound). Mercury will also be closely connected with the June solar eclipse, so there are major shifts actively happening​ in our thinking & communicating, learning, and conversing with ourselves and life

Hear more in my Moon 11 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Friday early evening, see Mercury & Venus close together low in the west after sunset.​ Mars shines in the west evenings. Jupiter and Saturn shine in the east before dawn.

Happy Earthing Liberation,


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