Skywalking Action

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Welcome to Moon 8 ~ the Moon of Action, beginning tomorrow (Sunday).

Having made a new beginning by engaging with and attuning to new realities these past six weeks, now we’re dimensionally journeying as being-seasoned-through-experience Skywalkers.

Meeting the world, sussing out and expressively living what​’s real, is our new approach to taking action, to being selves in motion. This is a learning-as-we-go, refining journey we’re on…

Saturn in Aquarius sextile Chiron in Aries (exact on Tuesday), teaches us to willingly and maturely express and transmit our authority, living what we believe, which makes for wisdom-based action. There are healing opportunities that arise in this time, for us to act and express from a sense of our own authority and agency, in freedom.

Meanwhile, the tension builds toward Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus (exact on the 17th), demanding the slow immediacy of responsible freedom & revolutionary embodiment. It’s time to do our work, in new ways. This is the first of three passes of this aspect through the year, just the start of the learning…

To maintain expansive humanitarianness and loving loftiness along the Aquarian journey’s way, personal Venus & Mercury join with social Jupiter late this coming week. Time to rethink and re-learn how to meet and communicate with love in these new realities.

This is still a major Aquarian infusion time, but now we’re moving beyond just attuning to the new energies and realities, and learning to take action in, and with, and as the new realities!

Hear the whole story in my Moon 8 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Mars is the only planet to be easily seen these winter nights, in the southwest.

Happy Skywalking Action,


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