Here Comes the Sun

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The 13-day Sun wave commences today. Sun radiantly bestows warm winter light, activating attunement to a new Aquarian cup-bearing sense of identity and purpose in shining with serious Saturn (today as well), then joining abundant Jupiter on Thursday night as they cooly smile at the enthusiastic and creative antics of Full Moon Leo.

We’re getting dosed up with Aquariusness. A new sense of self-identity and purpose, and a willingness to show up, contributing and expressing our uniquenesses, is being invited, especially in groups of people​. 

Mercury (also in Aquarius, do you sense a theme) goes retrograde on Saturday, Jan 30th, for a few weeks. This week’s the time for taking care of what’s wanting to be wrapped up, signed, or initiated, as we ready to shift from the “go” energy (with ALL the planets direct), into taking another look at where, what, and how we’ve been, from a new perspective, as we engage in new realities. 

Hear more in my Moon 7 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Time to say our goodbyes to Venus as Morning Star, who’ll be slipping from sight in the next week or two…​ 

Mars is the only planet to be seen in these dark winter nights, evenings in the south- southwest.

Happy Coming of the Sun,



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