Making Change

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

Lots of activating energy this coming week! 

The process of more deeply embodying and journeying the new energies of these times is initiated...

We’re in the Hand wave and the Moon of Attunement through Friday, being~doing in new ways as we begin to more fully and authentically live our lives.

Jupiter (newly in Aquarius) challengingly square Uranus in Taurus has been building all week, will peak tomorrow (Sunday), and linger through the coming week. An expansion of our ways of journeying life’s new realities amidst finding our way in inhabiting our bodies amidst all the crackling energies necessitates our learning to take action from new places in our bodies and beings, which resolves the internal tension of this aspect.

This will be even more true, weaving in our will​(ingness) when Mars joins up with Uranus in Taurus, exactly on Wednesday, Jan 20th. This is a volatile combination. Great consciousness and care is warranted as we learn to be this revolutionary in making change! Concern for the actions of those who may not be grounded enough to bring this through well is heightened. 

Wednesday night, Moon is visiting them in Taurus. See Moon & Mars together in the southwest much of the night. It’s time to come home to our bodies, to living our uniqueness, and to experiencing the pleasures of our humanness.

Sun moves into Aquarius, on Tuesday, joining Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury in seeding this new time and reality. Breathe and expand into the spaciousness, embrace and be gently warmed by the new energies! 

Hear so much more in my Moon 7 Audio Calendar Podcast.

Visually, Venus is sinking lower in the predawn east. Say your goodbyes to Venus as Morning Star in the coming weeks. Jupiter and Saturn too are disappearing into the gloaming… 

Mars is now the planet presiding over the dark winter nights, Warrior dreaming. May we find our courage and strength to stand and speak, embodied, willing, and respectful. 

Happy Making Change,



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