Wind Whispers Us Into Selfhood

Cosmic Update

Greetings Keeper of Time,

The build up into the transFormative late week and weekend that’s coming to a close now gives way to a slower, deeper time, where lingering momentum and just getting goingness carry us.

Today, we enter Moon 5, the Moon of Selfhood, in this year where Wizard Meets Mirroring Storm.

This is a quiet moon. Hear Wind through the trees. As each breath fills us with spirit, we’re being sung into selfhood by Life. The wind of our words speaks our selfhood as well.

This Moon 5 brings the seemingly magical expression of real, authentic selfhood that we’ve been learning to embody, wave by wave, since last spring. During the coming momentous shift in Moon 6, this self we’re becoming meets the world beyond our selves, and begins to step into what’s ours to do in bringing about the Age of Aquarius. Let’s take this time to seat in our selves deeply and fully, as bringing our selves in all our uniqueness, into meeting the world, IS what’s ours to do!

Starting Thursday, wind lifts Eagle into flight. Feeling the quiet feathered flapping of wings in our own bodies, soaringly free, we see the broad view, and let our screeching cry echo off the distant mountains. 

Hear the whole story in my Moon 5 Audio Calendar Podcast.

The Leonids meteor shower peaks midweek, best in the early morning hours, when you can​ also see Venus shining in the pre-dawn eastern sky by the star Spica. Wednesday & Thursday early evenings, Moon shines with Jupiter & Saturn so close in the southwest.​ Mars  is high in the south evenings.

Happy Wind Whispering Us Into Selfhood,



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